These are the second string of the sock world!

     These socks are just like me in high school. I played football but I never was quite good enough to make the starting team. I knew the plays, made every practice, and worked as hard as anyone on the field. But I was really small (5'2" and 120 lbs). So, even though I could certainly do the job, I just didn't quite make the cut for the starting team.

These socks are like I was back then. They are great socks but, due to some small blemish, they just didn't quite make the cut for the starting line up. These don't have gaping holes or rips or huge grease marks. They have small irregularities that don't affect wear or function. For example, the dye lot or wash load may have been a shade off. The blue may have not been blue enough to meet the spec required by our 1st quality standard. Or the sizing may be off ever so slightly but we still can't put it in the the premium package. Whatever the irregularity is, you can rest assured it is minor in nature and won't affect the wear and use of the sock. 


What can you do with blemished socks? A lot!



So go ahead, Be creative. Buy a case and use our blemishes to your advantage!!


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