American Made Lightweight Comfy Slouch Socks - 12 Pair Bulk Pack, Multiple Colors

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American Made Light Weight Cotton Slouch Socks (12 Pair Pack)

Experience these American made lightweight Slouch socks that are great for the gym, workouts, exercise, free time, dance, yoga Extra-long, lightweight, extra slouchy, Stylish push-down crew length . Popular with both women and girls, so pick your favorite colors. Our Lightweight Slouch Socks are stylish and perfect for dance or working out! Made from 80% cotton and 20% nylon, these socks provide the support and flexibility you need! Featuring a double cushioned foot for comfort and a reciprocated heel and toe for the perfect fit

12 Pairs | Size 9-11 | Proudly made in the USA


A high-quality Cotton blend made of Cotton, Polyester/Nylon and Spandex. These can be used as women’s and men’s socks. Soft, durable and breathable construction and moisture control fibers keep feet warm and dry. No itching or irritation, even in shoes, with our comfortable toe seam. Extra reinforced heel and terry cushioning add support and comfort where you need it most. Can be machine washed for easy care. American Made cotton blend lightweight slouch socks are soft, warm, and comfortable.

Made of American cotton, polyester or nylon, and spandex, these socks have the perfect amount of stretch to slouch down and look stylish.  Choose from a variety of colors and styles that fit your choice. Our breathable, moisture-control fabric combines the comfort of cotton and the moisture-wicking properties of polyester and nylon to help maintain the perfect temperature to help keep feet warm but dry. These socks are constructed for comfort, with an extra reinforced heel, comfort seam toe and terry cushioning. Your feet will feel extra comfortable.

Brand: American made lightweight Slouch socks for  women
Length: Crew/Slouch
Material: Cotton 
Material content specs: Cotton Blend
Application: Great for the gym, workouts, exercises, free time, dance, etc.