Sublimity® Camouflage Print Crew Socks Sport Blue Camo (1 Pair)

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Printed to order. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing.
Minimum Purchase:
12 units

*Drier feet due to superb moisture wicking
*No blisters or hot spots. Provides a ultra *protective friction barrier
*Last forever. Super tough and colorfast. Won't fade or break down wear after wear.
*Made In USA.

Sublimity® Printed Sport socks offer the best features in a custom design sock available. Sublimity® Poly Sport line of socks are built to keep athlete's feet dry and blister free. Polyester is one of the best moisture wicking materials available. Drier feet means eliminating the moisture that gives bacteria a place to thrive. This translates into less odor (which makes everyone around the wearer happy!). It also is a very slick, protective fabric that gives and excellent barrier against friction which causes blisters and hot spots so the socks support the most grueling of activity and keep the foot protected.

Not only do they keep the foot dry, odor free and blister free, they look great doing it. Printed with the latest technology, the have bold, bright and vibrant designs that will stand the test of time. The print is amazingly colorfast and permanent, it won't fade over time like cotton or other fabrics. The print penetrates deep into the fabric, keeping the image and color clear, sharp and vibrant during wear. You won't get the image distortion that you get with other brands when you put them on.

And lastly, these socks are made to last for years. Polyester is one of the strongest fabrics available and when properly cared for, they won't break down after repeated wash and wear.
Choose the best socks for your customers, Choose Sublimity®