Sublimity® Cactus all over Novelty Socks (1 Pair) Men's and Women's Casual Dress Socks, One Size Fits Most

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Sublimity® Cactus all over Novelty Socks (1 Pair) Men's and Women's Casual Dress Socks, One Size Fits Most

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Experience the legacy of these amazing Men’s and Women's Sublimity Crew Socks with Unique & Striking Design & Color, which makes you stand out from the crowd. After wearing our socks, you will receive many compliments! And in a week, if you buy more pairs, you won't wear repeated socks. Different patterns and colors for your selection are available. Poly cotton fabric is used to make the non-slip, reinforced and sweat-resistant toe.


We use a great mix of cotton, Polyester, and spandex, which holds the shape of the sock intact. Besides, it provides a great feeling of comfortable and it will fit your feet perfectly just like tailored ones. Casual socks are awesome fashionable and funky design socks for men. The colorful socks match up with your favorite clothes, and the fun socks for men are comfortable enough for every day while still being fancy socks at the same time. The Sublimity dress socks for men give a classic and colorful look at the same time. They can be wore in all seasons (might be a bit thick in summer). You can get many pairs of them at a really good price. You can wear it as Dress Socks, Uniform/Suit Socks, Business/Office Socks, Sneaker Socks, Daily Trouser Socks, Party Socks, Wedding Dress Socks, and Bridegroom/Groomsman Socks.



Brand: Sublimity 
Length: Crew
Material: Polyester
Material content specs: 90% Polyester & 10% Cotton
Application: Casual wear, Athletic

additional information

Additional Information

Sock Size 10-13
Brand Sublimity
Color Multicolor
Application Casual Wear, Dress, Fashionable & Stylish
length Crew - Distributor and Manufacturer of Diabetic Socks, Dye Sublimation Socks, Athletic Socks, Men's socks, Woman's Socks, Children's Socks. Call toll Free: 1-866-61SOCKS
158 Industrial Dr. Sylvania Alabama 35988 United States