Physicians' Choice Diabetic Over the Calf Length Crew Socks (12 Pair Pack) Choose Size & Color

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Physicians' Choice Diabetic Over the Calf Length Crew Socks (12 Pair Pack) Choose Size & Color

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Physician’s Choice over the calf socks from doctors are ideal for diabetics and individuals searching for a cozy sock that will not restrict their blood flow. The poly-cotton mid-weight blend fabric keeps your feet warm and the loose-fit top enables maximum circulation while compression socks can make your feet cold due to the absence of blood circulation. These are high-quality men's and women's diabetic over the calf socks. The unique sock design is specifically tailored to be non-restrictive and promotes blood circulation, which makes for the perfect diabetic over the calf socks, edema socks, and neuropathy socks. Made in the USA, they use a breathable blend of cotton and polyester, which provides the perfect elasticity to give support but retains circulation.

Benefits of Diabetic over the calf Socks:
Diabetic over the calf socks can help people with diabetes who are prone to infections and foot injuries. Here's how they can help:

1- Moisture-wicking materials keep feet dry so that excess moisture doesn't form a breeding ground for fungal infections.
2- Antimicrobial features prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
3- Increases comfort and decreases swelling.
4- Keeping feet warm to improve circulation.
5- Practically Seamless socks reduce the risk of rubbing and blisters, which may ultimately lead to a foot ulcer in someone who has neuropathy or chronic hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).
6- Extra padding for sensitive areas, such as the soles of the feet, can help prevent foot injury.
7- White-soled socks can alert those with diabetes if they have a wound that is draining.


These are mid-weight and loose-at-the-top structured socks with a terry-knit lining provides ultimate all-day comfort. These socks have a perfect balance of structure and stretch, made with 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester/Nylon and 5% Spandex
to ensure softness and elasticity. Ultra-comfortable therapeutic knit-in vents manage moisture to evaporate and help keep feet dry, cool and healthy. The smooth toe technology and no feel seam; keep your toes happy, even in shoes.  Antimicrobial characteristics fight the toughest odors at work and the strengthened sole offers additional protection in high-impact fields so that you can work them all out. Extra-wide foot, ankle, and leg for non-binding comfort Soft-cushioning helps safeguard the feet and offers additional shock absorption in high impact regions of the foot, the seamless toe eliminates pressure points.

Brand: Physicians Choice
Length: Over the calf

Material: Cotton 
Material content specs: Cotton Blend
Application: Diabetic over the calf, Neuropathy, and Edema Patients

1- Medium = 9-11
2- Large = 10-13
3- X-Large = 13-15

1- White 
2- Black
Region of Manufacture:
The socks are manufactured in the US according to our high-quality standards.

We stand behind all the products we sell and guarantee your satisfaction.

NOTE: If you have concerns about your health, seek help from a medical professional.

Medical recommendation:
Diabetic over the calf socks are specially designed socks that keep the feet dry, decrease the risk of a foot injury, and avoid preventing or slowing blood circulation. The socks are the perfect choice for people of all ages that are subject to medical conditions including Neuropathy, edema, and diabetic over the calves. The socks reduce edema by promoting better blood flow in your legs.

additional information

Additional Information

Brand Physicians Choice
length Crew
Material Content Specs No
Material Cotton
Application Diabetic - Distributor and Manufacturer of Diabetic Socks, Dye Sublimation Socks, Athletic Socks, Men's socks, Woman's Socks, Children's Socks. Call toll Free: 1-866-61SOCKS
158 Industrial Dr. Sylvania Alabama 35988 United States